Tanning Obsessed Bundle



Get ready to have a flawless tan and the ultimate top up so you never have to worry about your face and hands fading before the rest of your body !!

Exfoliate any dead skin and moisturise and dry areas (usually hand feet elbows and knees.)

Apply your tanning mousse use the brush for the face and hard to reach areas and the mott for larger areas. let it develop overnight and rinse in the morning

After a few days when you're ready to top up

After moisturising dry areas spray the spritz directly onto clean skin at a good distance then buff it in, let it develop and wake up with a gorgeous natural tan.


Customer Reviews

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NIkki B.
Bundle of perfection

Well what an awesome purchase on my part.
I am writing this review after using all my goodies last night.
I am sitting on my sofa looking like I have just returned from the Canary Islands.
From my face to my toes is colour perfection.
No streaks and no Tango to be seen.
Pure natural colour with no biscuit smell.
And best of all, no transfer into my cream bed sheets.
My skin feels so soft.
If you are looking at getting a tan, or just want your skin to look and feel fabulous.
Then get this in your shopping cart.

brenda S.

I absolutely love it so easy to use love the way people have asked if I'd been on holiday so natural and the smell what difference as always gated smell of bottled tan Nat you are amazing love all you rives showing me how to use your products lol B xxx

Jackie T.
Love it and my friend

Love it and my friend does thankyou