Makeup organiser case


Keeping track of your ever-growing cosmetics is stressful! 
Even worse if you don’t have the space to keep it all in one place.
If we could recommend just one thing it would be this – invest in a high-quality makeup case!
This handy case doesn’t just help with storing your makeup in one place but its PU leather exterior helps protect your beauty essentials keeping them safe from breakages, spills, and leakages, and best of all it’s all wipeable and easy to keep clean.
With Adjustable compartments, it provides ample space for all your beauty products and not just your Opretty favorites.
Separate your brushes to keep them from getting dirty and store your palettes in Its handy zipped pockets. Whether it’s your eye shadow, lipsticks, powders, or more – this case has the space.
With its adjustable compartments, you can store hair tools too!
This must-have case includes a strap that can be worn over the shoulder or on your back. It can even slip over the handle of a suitcase for easy transport when traveling.

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