Strip Lash, 3D Curler and Lash bed bundle

$34.56 $26.87


The bundle you never knew you were in desperate need of! Opretty mini 3d lash curler our lash bed to store your lashes in and our best-selling strip lash 

Opretty’s 3d Lash Curler is the perfect solution for achieving that glamorous, eye-catching look. Our curler has a unique 3D effect that gives your lashes an extra lift, creating the perfect curl. With our easy-to-use design, you can achieve beautiful curls on both false and natural lashes, even hard-to-curl lashes. Crafted with luxurious, high-quality materials for maximum comfort and durability, our lash curler will give you a flawless finish every time. Get ready to turn heads with Opretty’s 3D Lash Curler!

Our magnetic lash bed can store up to 5 lashes and will keep your lashes looking brand new and staying fresh to reuse 

Our strip lashes are cruelty-free and have the best flirty curl and super fine tips so they give a natural fluffy look