Puffection face and body sponge

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Makeup doesn't just stop at your face, if your arms and chest are out then don't forget to glow them up for the complete bronze goddess vibes. 

Our XL puffection sponge is great for quickness and if you are in a rush you can do your face and body in no time at all.

The puffection body sponge doubles in size when wet and is the right amount of softness. The domed-shaped sponge is latex-free and blends liquids and creams in seamlessly, giving you that photoshoot-ready flawless skin.


Customer Reviews

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Megan Parker
The best sponge!

I’m fussy with my sponges, some are to hard and firm and others are so soft and feels like it soaks up loads of product, but these are just perfection! I have 2 of these and I absolutely love them! Highly recommend!

Kat S.
Ideal for complexion

This helps make all your complexion seamless. I’m a brush application girl but I always finish with this sponge to get completely flawless application

Lynsey M.
Theeeee best

The only sponge I now use & trust I’ve a real obsession with these sponges now as they are a absolute must for any one

Face & body sponge

I was amazed how much this product expanded when dampened! It holds the moisture brilliantly and aids with applying makeup smoothly for a flawless finish! It has a lovely ‘bounce’ to it when in contact with your skin! So different to high street brands! Love it! It’s the best I’ve used! Would highly recommend :blush:.

Sarah M.
So soft

This is honestly the best sponge and when it’s wet it’s massive :two_hearts: