Powder puff and makeup brush cleaner



Introducing our revolutionary Powder Puff Cleaner! 🌟 Bid farewell to stubborn bacteria and say hello to the enchanting fragrance of vanilla marshmallow while effortlessly reviving your makeup brushes and powder puffs. 🍬✨

🧼✨ Key Highlights: 🔵 99.9% Bacteria Elimination: Rely on the remarkable bacteria-fighting power of our cleaner to maintain your makeup tools in a pristine, hygienic state. 🍨 Sweet Vanilla Marshmallow Aroma: Indulge in the pleasure of a sweet, luxurious scent as you clean, leaving you craving more of the delightful vanilla marshmallow fragrance. 🎨 Effortless Cleaning: It's as easy as spraying and wiping! Our formula effortlessly removes excess makeup, ensuring your brushes and puffs regain their like-new appearance and feel. ⏲️ Lightning-Fast Drying: No more waiting around! Our cleaner dries in seconds, so you can swiftly return to crafting your stunning looks.

✨ Discover the enchantment of cleaner, fresher makeup tools with our Powder Puff Cleaner. Elevate your beauty routine today! ✨

Grab yours now and let your makeup brushes and powder puffs gleam with cleanliness and the irresistible scent of vanilla marshmallow.



Customer Reviews

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Claire Horne

Great for cleaning my powder puff and brushes, smells really clean

Hi, Claire Thank you for your positive review! We're glad to hear that our powder puff and brush cleaner are working well for you and that the scent is pleasing. We appreciate your feedback and hope to continue providing great products for you. Happy cleaning! :)

Sandra Eatock

Love my powderpuff it for touching up my make up

Powder puff cleaner

Brilliant product! Smells amazing and lifts the make up off the powder puff, sponges and brushes with ease! Very impressed! I highly recommend - it makes cleaning your make up tools a doddle:blush:

Hi Angela, Thank you so much for leaving us a 5* review. We are so glad you see the benefit in our powder puff cleaner. Your right it does smell amazing. Opretty Team



Pye K.
Amazing product Amazing small. Quick

Amazing product Amazing small.
Quick delivery.
Love oh pretty products so much.