Micro Brow Pen



✨ **Unveiling Opretty Micro Brow Pen: Redefining Brow Elegance** ✨

Introducing the Opretty Micro Brow Pen – where precision meets elegance for the most enchanting brows of your dreams! 🌷 Elevate your brow game with this exquisite pen, designed to create delicate, natural-looking strokes that transform your brows into a work of art.

🌟 **Micro-Fine Precision for Brow Couture:**
Opretty Micro Brow Pen features an ultra-fine tip that takes precision to a whole new level. Crafted for those who appreciate the art of brow couture, this pen allows you to effortlessly draw fine, hair-like strokes, achieving brows that are as refined and unique as you are.

🎨 **Chic Shades, Endless Possibilities:**
Discover a curated selection of chic shades that cater to diverse beauty journeys. From soft ash blonde to rich cocoa, Opretty Micro Brow Pen offers a spectrum of colors to effortlessly complement and enhance your natural beauty. Choose your shade, express your style, and embrace the power of personalized elegance.

💦 **Waterproof Wonder for All-Day Glam:**
Opulence meets practicality! Our Micro Brow Pen is not just a beauty statement; it's a waterproof wonder that ensures your meticulously crafted brows stay flawless all day long. Whether you're dancing in the rain or conquering the day, your Opretty brows are your steadfast companion.

💄 **Effortless Application, Impeccable Results:**
Indulge in the ease of Opretty Micro Brow Pen's application – glide smoothly, define effortlessly, and revel in the impeccable results. This pen is your go-to tool for achieving a natural, microbladed effect without the commitment. Redefine elegance with every stroke!

🌿 **Cruelty-Free Beauty for a Compassionate You:**
Opretty is proud to present a beauty companion that aligns with your values. Our Micro Brow Pen is cruelty-free, ensuring that your beauty routine is as compassionate as it is elegant. Embrace opulent beauty that is mindful and cruelty-free.

📸 **#OprettyBrows: Share Your Brow Elegance!**
Inspire and be inspired! Join the Opretty community and share your brow elegance with #OprettyBrows. Your beauty journey deserves to be celebrated, and Opretty is here to applaud every stroke of elegance.

Elevate your brow elegance with Opretty Micro Brow Pen – where precision meets opulence, and every stroke tells a story of timeless beauty. 💖 #BrowElegance #OpulenceInEveryStroke #DefineYourOpulence


Customer Reviews

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Karen Hudson
Amazing Product!!!

After having Microblading 18 months ago (now faded) on very sparse brows and being a woman in my 60's, when I saw this product on TikTok I thought "that looks worth a go" and promptly bought the Ash Brown.... Wow how fantastic it is, I then visited your site to buy another in readiness and also recommended to a friend. Thank you for producing this amazing product I love it and highly recommend it!!


Oh my goodness it’s amazing, Someone on insta recommended this as all her flowers ask her how she does her brows. It’s like manic I actually achieved the same effect as her. I’m fair with blonde highlights so I got the taupe just increase the others were too dark and it’s perfect. The thinnest pen tip I’ve ever seen


I don't like the colour and the texture. For me, it is a waste of money. In the advertisement, it looks nice,but in real life, my eyebrows look so fake. Wouldn't buy it again.

Gemma Brown

BEST brow pen I’ve ever used ! I went for the shade taupe and it’s perfect as I have blonde hair. So easy to use & unbelievably realistic… very happy 😊

Hi there! Thank you so much for leaving a review for our Micro brow pen. We're thrilled to hear that you love it and found the shade taupe to be a perfect match for your blonde hair. We're glad it was easy to use and gave you a realistic look. We appreciate your support and hope to continue providing you with great products. Happy brow-ing!