Contour and blush Makeup brush bundle

$38.39 $20.47


 The perfect brush bundle for applying cream and powders to add colour and depth to the skin

 The OB9 brush is great for defining the cheeks and the face perfect to use for blush or bronzer.

 The OB12 Is a fantastic brush for powder it blends so seamlessly and it is SUPER lightweight so it doesn't disturb the makeup underneath.

The vegan-friendly bristles are so soft and tapered just right to allow effortless blending with precision.

The OB3 brush is great for creams or liquids the soft synthetic bristles are shaped in a dome shape to help with the application.

This OB5 brush is great for cream contour and cream or liquid blush 

The OB7 brush is great for blending out concealer. 

Its dense bristles and stubby fibers with its tapered shape make it great for getting into smaller areas and help to buff out mistakes