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The perfect brush bundle for powder

 The OB10 is a uniquely shaped brush perfect for powdering its a smaller version of the OB1 so if you love that you will love this for the smaller areas.

The soft vegan bristles with its pinched shape and rounded head are great for applying powder to shape the face for contouring, blusher, bronzer or even setting the whole face. 

OB11 is a great all-rounder for powdering it can be used for setting under the eyes, highlighting, and baking. 

With its tapered dense synthetic bristles it picks up a good amount of product which is great for setting oily areas and defining with powder.

The OB9 brush is great for defining the cheeks and the face perfect to use for blush or bronzer.

 OB13 This powder brush has a nice tapered body and is perfect for smaller-sized areas of the face. It's a great tool to use to create an all-over flawless finish.

The size is perfect for the smaller areas of the face, especially when you want to add a little dimension and shine. The tapered tip allows you to apply powder under the eyes flawlessly. You can use this brush on your cheekbones or on your browbones to help build definition for a more natural-looking finish.

The OB12 Is a fantastic brush for powder it blends so seamlessly and it is SUPER lightweight so it doesn't disturb the makeup underneath.

The vegan-friendly bristles are so soft and tapered just right to allow effortless blending with precision.





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Such a nice brush bundle 😍