Spritz & Glow Tanning Mist


The Spritz & Glow Illuminating Tanning Mist

This no-rinse, streak-free and no-transfer formula will give you a gorgeous glow and enhance your skin with our added skincare benefits.


CITRIC ACID - a protective antioxidant and anti-ageing correcting effects, helps to unclog pores, even skin tone, soften and smooth the skin

ALOE- super moisturising, anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing


Spritz onto your skin and wait for the glow. 

It can be used in multiple ways:

- Spray on its own a few times a week to build up a gorgeous glow all over,

- Use as a top-up. Self tan starts to fade on your face and hands first, Spritz & Glow is PERFECT for that quick fix to keep your tan looking fresh and glowing for longer. 


No need to rinse off

Vegan friendly and 100% clean


- Follow our skin prep guides, exfoliate any dead skin and moisturise drier areas (usually hand feet elbows and knees)

- Spray directly onto clean skin in even lines/downwards or across motions, then buff and pat in.

- Once dry that's it, leave it to gradually develop and enjoy your subtle, gorgeous glow. You can build up to the colour and glow you want. 

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